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is a new generation


mobile based

customer engagement


impact on

while being fun, engaging and rewarding for end user

Glee in Action

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Direct Impact on Business
Build a relationship through
personalized customer engagement
  • Rich media feeds
  • Location based
  • Social charged
  • Integrate campaigns
  • Event updates
  • Targeted marketing
Showcase your products in
rich media mobile catalog
  • Product catalog
  • Featured products
  • Bestsellers
  • Multi-category products
  • Social shares
Start a new loyalty program or
bring existing program to mobile
  • Integrate your existing loyalty program
  • Start a new loyalty program
  • Easy point tracking and redemption
  • Browse Rewards catalog
  • Mobile Vouchers
  • Track redemption

Glee Advantages

  • Your own branded smartphone app in less than two weeks
  • no up-front fee, pay per download
  • Cloud hosted
  • Geo-fencing and location tracking
  • Social charged
  • POS integrated
  • White label so that you can engage with your customers with your branding

Deep Insights

  • Live Dashboard
  • Spend analysis
  • Location analysis
  • Social analysis
  • Interest graph
  • Recency Vs Frequency
  • Preference
Deep Insights

About Us

Half Cookie is a technology innovation startup based in Mumbai. Our flagship product is called Glee. Glee is a mobile based customer engagement platform. Glee is most effective as an engagement and enticement channel for retailers, banks and consumer brands.

Glee engages, entices, and rewards patrons of your retail business in an effective yet fun way. Glee is built using cutting edge Social, Location and Mobile technologies.

Glee is a white label product, enabling you to have your own branded app, resides on consumer's mobile and is available on all popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and mobile web.

The benefits you will see after embracing Glee is in increased sales, customer loyalty and brand advocacy for your retail business. In the process you also get enlightened with rich analytic and insights.


Roti, Kapda aur Mobile App

Every retailer needs it. Specially online retailers. Mobile strategy for your retail is no longer a "nice to have", but its a "must have".

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  • Increase repeat purchase by 25%
  • Word - of - mouth recruitment by 30%
  • Bring down customer acquisition cost by 25%


Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Glee: An App Platform that brings customer engagement and loyalty management to retailers

In the days of smartphone devices, can retailers afford to miss out on opportunity apps provide? Consumers are embracing apps and the early adopters in B2B space who embrace app platform surely stand to gain in the long run.

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